Opdateret 05/04: Aflysning af CEC-1 og CEC-2


Dear Classic cross friends,

At this moment, as we all know and feel, the world is ruled by the covid-19 virus. A powerful and dangerous virus. And as long as we don’t have an inhibitor for this virus and we still are travelling all over the world it will be difficult to contain this disease and hope to get it completely under control. Specially visits to countries with poor housing and hygiene can enlarge the problem in the very near future.


KEEP DISTANCE AND STAY SAFE!!!!!! Then we will see each other again for sure.

You will understand that the complete “ECMO Spring” competition, the 3 CEC races has been cancelled now, on April 3.

Public health must be top priority now all over the world and for sure at ECMO.

Let’s hope that in 2 or 3 months the signal “fire under control” can be given and that the virus will be “defeated”. Then we can fully focus on the CMCdN in Culitzsch Germany on 19th September and make it one “big” happening for everyone, riders, spectators, friends, organizer and also those who cannot participate. Let us pray for a fast developing of the right virus inhibitor

It is the first time in our short ECMO history, that such a phenomenon has occurred and I really hope it will be the last time. Let’s try to rise up from this bizarre situation in a healthy way and that we are able to enjoy, with even more good feelings for each other, our beautiful sport again! (Also a little bit more aware of our insignificance than before).

Through our website we will keep you regularly informed of new developments, so check the site now and then.

Finally I wish you all and all your loved ones: Good Health and “keep your distance” so that the virus does not end up in “our ECMO family”.

Take care of yourself but also of your friends and neighbors. We must clear this “war”, with an invisible enemy, together!!. Than the celebration of the “new” start will be fantastic!

On behalf of the ECMO Board,



CEC-1 og CEC-2 er aflyst, se nedenstående.


På baggrund af den seneste information fra Myndighederne om tiltagene mod Corona-virusen er det i DMU besluttet, at med virkning fra onsdag den 18. marts og foreløbig frem til den 30. marts 13. april gælder følgende:

  • Alle indendørs og udendørs sports- og idrætsfaciliteter lukker ned

  • Forbud mod forsamlinger med mere end 10 personer.

Dette betyder i praksis, at der fortsat ikke kan afvikles nogen former for træning med eller uden motorcykel, da alle sportsaktiviteter er indeholdt i dette nye tiltag.

Samtidig er det besluttet, at alle løbsarrangementer under DMU suspenderes til og med 29. april 2020. Denne dato er foreløbig og under forudsætning af, at træning kan genoptages fra og med 1. april 13. april i Danmark.

Løbskalenderen er lukket for tilmelding og åbnes, så snart vi igen har styr på situationen (og vi skal nok sikre de nødvendige tidsterminer for tilmelding).

Dette medfører, at den enkelte gren nu arbejder på at undersøge mulighederne for at forlænge sæsonen, når vi forhåbentlig kommer gennem denne meget alvorlige situation.

Der vil komme yderligere information fra den enkelte gren i de kommende dage, men vi håber og forventer, at alle vil være tålmodige. Vi vender tilbage med yderligere informationer, så snart der er nyt.

Hvis udviklingen ændrer sig i den kommende periode, vil vi justere efter de muligheder, der måtte være, hvilket naturligvis også omfatter yderligere tiltag fra myndighederne.

Vi vil endnu engang bede alle om at følge myndighedernes og DMU´s anbefalinger med hensyntagen til alle vore medborgere og den situation, som ingen før har oplevet.

På forhånd tak til jer alle for jeres forståelse og hjælp gennem denne meget svære periode for os alle.

For yderligere spørgsmål kontaktes Jørgen Bitsch jorgen.bitsch@gmail.com



The boards of the clubs, “De Grensduivels” and the “Mortimer Classic MCC” have  decided, in connection with the corona virus and the risk to the public health, to cancel the planned CEC-1 race on the 1th May in Molenbeersel (BE) and the CEC-2 race on the 9th May on Bennett’s Hill in Reading (EN). Both decisions were made with pain in the heart, but public health is also our number one priority.

About Jinin, CEC-3 on 6th June, we will inform you as soon as possible.

About eventually postponing the races we will also talk with the clubs involved.

 Stay alert to news on our ECMO site!!!!!




In a time when we seem to have everything under control and where we can make everything, there is something, very tiny and small, called virus, that tells us that we are far from knowing all and not able to do everything we want and that nature itself is still the boss and goes her own way.

This pandemic is a living proof of that. The question, therefore, what to do with the upcoming ECMO races is very difficult to answer as the virus infection at this moment continues to expand and also in more and more countries.

Whether or not to continue organizing the CEC-s, depends on many factors over which the ECMO has no influence.

The most important one is of course the health of everyone, associated with a club or as an individual participant or spectator. It would be sad if a carrier of the virus, without knowing it or being sick, would infect someone else, perhaps from another country, and so export it.

We are also dependent on whether a local and/or national government has announced measures regarding events, meetings, etc.

Obviously, this must be respected by ECMO and the club, for sure their permit will be withdrawn.

To what extent do you as a club want to put the riders from many countries, spectators and also your own staff at risk? These are dilemmas that cannot be solved by the clubs and the ECMO at this time.

Of course we hope that there will be a turnaround soon and the “climate” will become a bit more favorable.

We, ECMO, remain very vigilant and closely monitor the provision of the experts about the data on the virus and its distribution. Due to the international character of our events, there may be an increased risk. Italy is already completely blocked, no entry or exit possible. Several countries have also already taken measures with regard to sports and other events. Various bans have already been issued.

It is now very important for the organizing clubs whether an event may take place in its area or not, between now and the beginning of May. For the clubs, there is of course a deadline with regard to the organization. Is that 2 weeks, 3 weeks? Equipment will have to be leased (toilets / units etc), staff will be appointed, purchases will be made, grounds will be prepared, etc.

However, we also fully understand you as a rider. Whether or not to book a ferry crossing or a flight. It is also a matter of waiting for you.

Should there be a total stop from the government in Belgium and / or England, concerning the event, than we and the club, must of course respond to this unpleasant situation and cancel the event. Transferring the virus, knowingly or otherwise, to the event from any country and perhaps back, would be an unforgivable mistake on the part of both, club and ECMO. So with the slightest doubt, one should cancel the event.

With this preliminary strategy we hope that we can provide you in time with the necessary information at a somewhat later stage. We, ECMO, and the clubs will be in very close and frequent contact in the coming days and weeks. And we will keep you, as the interested parties, constantly informed of developments concerning the Corona case, via the ECMO website under “NEWS”.

On behalf of the ECMO Board,


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