Nyt fra CEMAR 4 afdelinger i 2024

Dear Cemar friends,
We can now confirm 4 race meetings in 2024 as follows:

– Cemar 1: May 18, Germany, Ballenstedt.

– Cemar 2: June 08, Denmark, Aalborg, Dall.

– Cemar 3: July 27, Norway, Lunner near Oslo

– Cemar 4: August 3-4, Sweden, Linköping, Sviestad.

  • Race Calendar is on www.classicmx.se
    You need to have your own valid insurance and check the invitation from each of the four clubs in
    Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden to see the specific rules regarding license required.
    No change of rules for 2024 – see: www.classicmx.se / www.classiccross.dk
    Penalty points for all classes *
    Incorrect Penalty points
    Chassis 10 per leg
    Engine 10 per leg
    Front fork 10 per leg
    Rear Shocks 10 per leg
    Flat slide 5 per leg
    Reed valve 5 per leg
  • Penalty points for the jury to decide.
    Numberplate Colours can give 3 penalty points per leg
    All riders with not allowed deviations must be strictly informed that participation with the deviations
    is accepted once only, and for them to carefully study actual regulations, i.e. the riders cannot participate
    with the deviation(s) in coming races.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you all in 2024..
    On behalf of the Cemar Committee 06th December 2023.
    Jörgen Ahlstrøm/Per Pedersen.
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