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Dear Sport Friends,

Hopefully, all of you are doing well and you are healthy, despite the fact that this Covid-19 pandemic is starting to take the shape of a marathon, with occasional nasty sprints. Everything is still uncertain for the coming months, with a “lock down” in many European countries at this moment, a few vaccines that are soon ready to use and will turn our live in the positive direction. But very important for the solution of this pandemic depends on our own personal behavior. We must obey the rules!!!!!!

Dear friends, let us be optimistic and look forward to the near future, to 2021, and let us delete this terrible (sport) year quickly and remove from our memory! Let us see 2021 as a kind of a start of a new era. Let it become a great year for everyone and specially for all sports, including our “exclusive” Classic Motorsport!!

We do not know what this next year will bring. What possibilities there are for motor cross. What governmental rules will come in the post Covid-19 period? Especially for organizers. Can we travel free through Europe? What will Brexit bring especially for our Classic Friends from the UK? We can try to plan, but if we do not have the virus under control, everything is uncertain. We must wait and hope for the best. But sitting still and waiting is pointless. That is why the Board has already made, in consultation and co-operation with some clubs, a provisional calendar for next season. A nicely balanced calendar which is nicely spread in time and places. Many riders did ask for a monthly CEC and on the free weekends and it worked.

Some clubs wanted their postponed race from 2020, and two others gave it back. We are happy that Northern Ireland their CMCdN (planned for 2021) has postponed their race in Ballsallagh to 2022. A very sportive gesture

CEC-1-Offenbach 🇩🇪 24.4.2021

CEC-2-Jinin 🇨🇿 22.5.2021

CEC-3-Ramonchamp 🇫🇷 26.6.2021

That means that the CMCdN 2021 will be in Cullitzsch (DE), like this year, on 18th September 2021

Dear friends let us hope to start again in April and meet and greet each other safe and sound. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE VIRUS, AND YET ALSO A MUTATION, IS STILL AROUND!!!! STAY SAFE!!!!!!

The Board of ECMO wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

On behalf of the Board





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