En hilsen fra ECMO formanden

The CMCdN in Randers was perfect organized by Randers Motor Sport. With respect to the teams of Jan Hvam and Peter Guldberg and all track marshals who prepared the track so well after a long period of rain and the big shower in the night before the races. Very professional, great respect. This wonderful final result was only possible thanks intense contact with the representative of Denmark, Kurt Vad. He was everywhere and solved so much. Thanks Kurt.

After a few opening speeches the presentation of the teams from 14 countries with a total number of 174 riders started. Always wonderful to see, those amount of riders in those clean wonderful national out fits (see the pictures).

The races have been almost free of injuries and that is a very important and nice conclusion. With that number of competitors on the track. Good track marshals and riders who serious obey the flag signals, make the sport much safer.

30+ Here we had one Czech specialist on CZ, Radek Toman, goes like a lightning. But behind him there were the real battles between the other Czechs and the Estonian and Swedish riders. Specially the battle between Lüüding and Sikk from Estonia and Garver and Hogstedt from Sweden were thrilling. Finally the Czechs won and on second place Estonia (first CMCdN!!!) with just 2 points difference to the Swedish team.

50+ Here was it a big fight between Belgium and Denmark. But the Belgium team has Jan Blancquaert, a cross rider from another planet I think. Motocross is SOOOOO easy, looking at his style. In both manches on the second place we saw a struggle between Flemming Vad (DK) and Jan Smeyers (BE). We saw really good motocross in this race. Belgium was the best but with only 2 points difference with Denmark Sweden finished as third in a field of 10 teams.

60+ In each group there are always a few specialists. Here we have two motocross “friends” from Holland and England. Van de Nieuwenhof and Mathia. And what”s in the name? Both they have the same name Peter. Pushing each other to fast corners and beautiful jumps. Nice to see. Behind those two, the French team was battling for each place better in the ranking but it was difficult. After been European Champion two years in a row, they wanted that third title but…. at the end they saw the Dutch team on first place and they had to accept second place just before the Czech team on third place.

66+ The Czech quartet Stodulka, Hanacek, Kozak and Krapek took this race for themselves. Only Cai Larssen (DK) broke in into this team for a second place but the CZ-team was by far too strong for the rest. And there was a big struggle developing between Denmark and England. Dunford, Miller, Deer and Sherbourne had at the end just one point left to catch the second place before the Danish team. A thrilling race!

70+ What happens in the 66+ group, also happens in the 70+. Here the Swedish team, (Astorssen, Bernardsson, Gustafsson and Ingvarsson) was too fast for the rest. The other 7 teams had nice battles with a lot of changes in the ranking during the race. The team captains had a lot of counting to do. The winner of last year England and also The Netherlands had an unlucky day. But the best did win and Denmark-1 and Czech Republic on places 2 and 3.

A marvellous motorsport event was over. In the evening there was a beautiful and pleasant price giving in a big tent with a few hundred persons having fun.

The Tuba was handed over to Miroslav Nejedly from CZ because the next CMCdN will be in Pacov (CZ).

Randers thanks for a nice weekend.


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