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Dear Sportfriends,

As you can see on our calendar for 2019, the delegates at the AGM, have decided for the 3 CEC races to go to Italy, France and the Czech Republic. The CMCdN for 2019 is in The Netherlands as you already know, in Marum. For 2020 the CMCdN will be organized in Germany.

In Casale Monferrato, CEC-1, we have already been a long time ago, in 2007. Nice to return in this beautiful city in Piedmont with her very nice Piazza Mazzini. The second CEC we have in France, where we were for the last time in 2013. The city of Ramonchamp in the Vosges is our hostess. Near the city, situated in a beautiful valley, is the source of the river Moselle. For CEC-3 we go to Netolice in South Bohemia (CZ). The city with the fantastic beautiful white castle, Hluboka nad Vladvou. And as you have read above, the CMCdN is in Marum (NL).

The Board of ECMO and the Representatives of the countries think that 2019 can be a nice year for the “classics” with these 4 chosen events.


For ECMO two things are very important, safety and pleasure. Safety for the riders but also for the spectators and fun in riding “classic” races and meeting friends from all parts of Europe. We do not like injuries and try to avoid them as much as possible in close cooperation with the organizing clubs.

So it can happen that, bound to local government regulations and insurance regulations, a club is bound to a maximum number of riders in a race. This will increasingly be the case for safety in the future. And ECMO fully supports this development that can make our wonderful sport even more safe and beautiful. So there is a maximum of 40 riders at the start of each race in Casale Monferrato (CEC-1) and Netolice (CEC-3) and a maximum of 37 riders in Ramonchamp (CEC-2).

The riders who go for the competition over 3 CEC’s, have priority at the enrolment. Once the maximum is reached in a class, the enrolment will be stopped!! An accepted rider receives a confirmation with his number and he has to show this to the secretary of the club at the enrolment. The lists of riders will be placed on the ECMO site in time for the races. So it is impossible to enrol on the day of the race in a full class!! In case of a doubt, the ECMO board decides, whether or not in consultation with the country representative.

We wish you all a nice new season 2019.

Board of ECMO

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